Mittwoch, 8. September 2010

Authors@Google: Albert László Barabási

The Authors@Google program welcomed Albert László Barabási to Google's New York office to discuss his book, "BURSTS: The Hidden Pattern Behind Everything We Do"

"In BURSTS (April 2010), Barabasi, Director of the Center for Network
Science at Northeastern University, shatters one of the most
fundamental assumptions in modern science and technology regarding
human behavior. Barabasi argues that, rather than being random,
humans actually act in predictable patterns. We go along for long
periods of quiet routine followed suddenly by loud bursts of activity.
Barabasi demonstrates that these breaks in routine, or "bursts," are
present in all aspects of our existence— in the way we write emails,
spend our money, manage our health, form ideas. Barabasi has even
found "burstiness" in our webpage clicking activity and the online
news cycle."

This event took place on June 30, 2010.

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