Montag, 6. September 2010

Gurudas: The Stealth Dictatorship

Toller Artikel bei Lila Rajiva:

Gurudas: The Stealth Dictatorship

"One of the scary things about this book is that much of the material contained here was obtained from reading various newspapers and magazines or by just watching television. Many of the things discussed in this book accurately portray in frightening detail a growing trend towards the future society depicted in Brave New World by Huxley and 1984 by Orwell. In December, 1978 in The Futurist, David Goodman listed 137 predictions made by George Orwell. Over 100 of them had already come true. Goodman said: “The possibility of Orwell’s 1984 becoming reality…is clear….Though 1984 has failed as a warning, it has been succeeding brilliantly as a forecast.” In recent years, especially in doing the research for this book, I have notice over and over again people asking “How could this happen in America?” It will keep on happening, unless we the people take back the government.

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