Donnerstag, 23. Dezember 2010

Die größte amerikanische Bank, BoA, hat offenbar hunderte Domainnamen aufgekauft, die man nutzen könnte, um sich über sie lustig zu machen:

"Company defensively registers hundreds of domain names for its senior
executives and board members.

As Bank of American awaits a possible release of information from WikiLeaks, it wants to ensure that you don’t think its executives suck. Or blow for that matter.
The company has been aggressively registering domain names including its Board of Directors’ and senior executives’ names followed by “sucks” and “blows”.

For example, the company registered a number of domains for CEO Brian Moynihan:,,, and Just to be sure, it also picked up the .net version of these names and some .orgs as well.

I count hundreds of such domain name registrations on December 17 alone. They were registered through an intermediary that frequently registers domain names on behalf of large companies.

Some of the other names are for CFO Charles Noski, Chairman of the Board
Charles Holliday, and board member Charles Rossotti (who is also Senior Advisor, The Carlyle Group).

I’m not sure if this strategy will work. You can always go register"

Zumindest wirkt BoA damit nicht unbedingt den Gerüchten entgegen, daß sie das Ziel der nächsten Wikileaks sein könnte.

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