Montag, 12. Juli 2010

Freu Dich, EU: endlich Konkurrenz für us-amerikanische Ratingagenturen

Barroso, Juncker, Merkel, Sarkozy & Co. haben es monatelang gefordert: eine Konkurrenz für Moody's, Fitch und Standard & Poors.

Hier ist sie: Dagong Global Credit Rating

"A significant difference between Dagong and the three international rating agencies, i.e. Moody’s, S&P and Fitch in terms of their rating results is that Dagong emphasizes more on the country’s capability to pay its debt. If you analyze the rating grades (regardless the difference of + or - symbol), the three international rating agencies do not have much differences in their ratings to a particular country. However, Dagong’s ratings are quite different from theirs. Among these 50 countries, 27 countries received obviously different ratings from Dagong. Those countries which have received higher ratings are mainly the new emerging countries which have political stability and good economic performance. Those countries which have received lower ratings are many developed countries which have shown economic growth and are heavily burdened with increasing debt. These differences are caused by different rating concept and method which have been used by Dagong. More importantly, during the rating process, Dagong has insisted to extend a fair rating which should not be affected by the ideology in the country."

Hier die 21 besseren von insgesamt 50 gerateten Staaten (Euro-Länder in blauer Farbe):

Norway, Australia, Denmark, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Singapore, New Zealand

"AA +":
China, Canada, Netherlands, Germany

United States, Saudi Arabia

France, United Kingdom, Korea, Japan

Belgium, Chile, Spain, South Africa, Malaysia, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Brazil

Ob Barroso jetzt glücklich ist?

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