Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

"Pecora Commission" reloaded für die Wall-Street?

Vielleicht tut sich in den USA doch noch etwas bzgl. der rücksichtslosen Plünderung durch die pseudokapitalistischen Bankster und ihre Komplizen in Washington:

"...As bad as the Bailouts were from an economic, wealth transfer, and moral hazard perspectives, it turns out that the grim reality was an order of magnitude worse than previously believed.

We have since learned that many TARP recipients, bailed out banks and other ne’er-do-wells were actively engaged in cooking their books. I don’t mean various FASB 157 permission to lie, and other legal but nefarious activities. I am referring to the 2001-2008 era of scams, frauds, and outright theft.

The public’s righteous indignation over the lack of just desserts for the perpetrators of these frauds has morphed since September 2008 into an unresolved, unfocused anger. When this all plays out, we might very well see bonus clawbacks, fines and penalties, disgorgement of ill gotten gains, and criminal arrests for some of the major names at the biggest brokerage houses.

Why do I think that 2 years later, some justice might be done? The truth is slowly coming out, as insiders provide testimony, release papers, and even offer up recordings of conversations to various investigators and prosecutors."
Für historisch interessierte Leser empfehle ich die Lektüre des Wikipedia-Eintrags zur "Pecora Commission". Dieser Untersuchungsausschuß hatte ca. 3 Jahre nach dem Crash von 1929 nach den Ursachen gesucht.

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