Mittwoch, 9. März 2011

Hammerharte Aschermittwochspredigt von Karl Denninger

Two years to the day that the market bottomed everyone is asking "can it continue?" The proper question is "for how long will the fraudulent edifice that constitutes our banking system, federal government and economy continue to levitate above the obvious chasm to Hell that awaits our fall?"

I believe the answer to that is "not much longer."

I am more bearish now on the future of this nation and its people than I have ever been before. I am especially bearish on the future for our youth, in that we have tried to turn them into the "last suckers" in the game with student debt. This is an outrageously reprehensible practice and one that will eventually bear fruit of the worst sort.

If there is a prayer to be offered today for our nation, it is that we snap out of our Chinese-citizen-poisoning iPhone-induced haze long enough to demand that each and every one of the fraudsters that led us into this morass face justice before the law, and that the awakening of our population come before the inevitable collapse of funding that is now visible within the horizon.

I pray today, in short, for restoration of the rule of law.

Not because it will stop what is to come - it's too late for that - but because if we do not do it now, and the only remaining form of justice is that which is found on the street, we may lose not just money or homes, but our souls and our nation as well.

May God bless America - she needs it.

Anarchokapitalistisches PS: "rule of law" ist aus libertärer Sicht nicht synonym mit "Staat". Rule of law, but competition of enforcers without territorial superpowers.

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