Mittwoch, 12. September 2007

Welt Online Update

Ron Paul ist zweistellig. Mal sehen, ob unsere amerikanischen Freunde die Herren Journalisten von die dazu bringen, Ron Paul wenigstens mal wahrzunehmen.
Welcome to Germany, Ron Paul Machine!


tiramisu / pasadena, ca, usa hat gesagt…

greetings to the good people in germany!

just wanted to say hello and remind everyone that there are only two types of people in the world:

the decent, and the indecent.

best to you all, as those of us here who love the u.s. constitution hope more will pull the scales off their eyes and return to freedom and liberty - for all.


Fabio Bossi hat gesagt…

Hi Tiramisu,

thank you!
The internet knows no borders...

We`re at 13%


h3kw0n hat gesagt…

fabio, have you noticed that he got kicked out of this poll?

it was around new year, i guess.

last time i checked, he was around 30%. now they added a section called "someone else"

i'm about to write an email to the editor, asking why he got deleted.

btw, mach weiter so!

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