Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2011

Gold kann man nicht essen...

...was manchmal garnicht schlecht ist:

"A man in Crete was shocked to see his savings have been eaten by mice. Panicked by the rumors about a Greek default, the man had withdrawn all his savings from the bank. He dug a hole in a house wall and deposited 45,000 euro inside. He covered the hole so that nobody could see there is his hidden safe. However some four legged ‘thieves’ smelled the paper bank notes and invited their friends to a big €uro party. When the man opened his wall-safe he found tiny paper left overs. He took the rest to the bank to find out that only bank notes worth 5,000 euro were intact".

Hier grüble und zweifle ich übrigens ´mal nicht, das war eindeutig deflationär, aus die Maus ;-)

Hattip Gaby!

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