Mittwoch, 29. August 2007

Germany votes for Ron Paul!

29.08.07; 12h40
Deutschland ist Ronland!
Danke auch an Gibraltar!


Phil hat gesagt…

aaaah I'm soo jealous ! You Germans are kicking our asses (France and Belgium). Even though Ron just past 2nd in Belgium, beating Hilary.

As I always say. People who vote Obama do not know Ron Paul. The opposite is true

Fabio Bossi hat gesagt…

Yeah, I can`t believe it! The public is usually so state-trusting here!

But the european Ron Paul heroes are the Poles:

POLAND Votes for:
34 votes for Ron Paul
21 votes for Barack Obama
4 votes for Mike Gravel
3 votes for Hillary Clinton
3 votes for John McCain
2 votes for Rudy Giuliani
1 vote for Dennis Kucinich
1 vote for Tom Tancredo
1 vote for Joe Biden

LibertyUPR is doing such a terrific job on Youtube. His videos get so many votes from americans that he is regularly top-rated on Youtube-Poland!

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