Dienstag, 11. Mai 2010

Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall

Jesse hat einen äußerst lesenswerten "Insider-Bericht", der sehr gut beschreibt, wie viele Wall-Street "Big Boys" ticken:

Trading in Hubris: Pride, Overreach, and the Inevitable Blowback and Consequences


"...I am not a social worker. Its a quid pro quo. He gives me insights into the trading world, and the pits where he dwells. What they are thinking, and what is going around in his crowd, with which I rarely associate these days.

He thinks the euro is done, and the dollar will remain the sole currency. His attitude is, "What will replace it?" He cannot even imagine anything different than what we have today. But interestingly enough he does not believe that the US government is running things. "Things are being run by a new world order, and have been for some time." He said that so matter of factly that it made me catch my breath..."

"...If there is a new Mussolini in the US to maintain order, he's good with that. If they start putting people on trains to resettlement camps in the southwest, he's ok. If there are starving people in the streets, it doesn't bother him because he lives in a gated community. If the middle class gets crushed by a new market crash that is ok. He made a killing shorting the Crash of 1987, and was able to enjoy the resort where he spent the winter even more than ever because they were so few people there.

I would like to say he is an outlier, a one of a kind. But he is not. He is typical. He is driven purely and almost solely by personal greed, and he makes no bones about it. Life is a war, and he wants to conquer you..."

Manche von denen stehen in meinen Augen vor einem LTCM-Aha-Erlebnis mit Pecora-Flavour. Ikarus läßt grüßen.

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