Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010

Zerohedge über das Short Verbot

"There are 4 hours until midnight in Germany. There are trillions in gross sovereign CDS notional. Germany alone had $71.4 billion in Gross CDS notional and $13.3 billion in net according to DTCC. Add up all of Europe and you get half a trillion. How on earth will the German market unwind these with all European traders already long gone. We also make the generous assumption that US CDS traders are still around: most of the BSDs tend to leave for the nearest Marriott Garden Inn by 1pm. So with naked CDS positions now verboten, who will be allowed to sell CDS? For a symmetric hedged transaction, anyone selling CDS (long credit), would have to be short cash govvies to be permitted to sell CDS. And who in their right mind would disclose that they are short anything. This is the most ill-thought out of regulatory plan in the history of capital markets, and that, shockingly, includes the Frankenstein monster created by our own lame duck coruptus in extremis senator."

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