Freitag, 18. September 2009

Warengeld schützt vor planwirtschaftlicher Hybris

In Ergänzung zu Christophs "Der Goldstandard schafft Wohlstand", möchte ich Bilder sprechen lassen:

Gefunden habe ich diese Bilder bei Chris Martenson. Der schreibt den Green-Shoot-Gläubigen ins Stammbuch:

"...As I wrote a while back in one of the more important reports I wrote this year entitled "It's Not Over - The Collapse in Household Credit Says So" , the most important determinant of recovery will be whether or not consumer credit will expand.
After all, since our money is debt, then increasing the amount of debt is an essential component of the very basis of our financial markets. After all, if everybody is expecting a few percent return on their bonds and equities, but the money supply is contracting, then quite a bit of disappointment is in store for whomever is expecting positive returns.
For now, the government and the Federal Reserve, like nearly all of their major foreign counterparts, are busy stimulating and bailing and borrowing to fill the void left by the dearly departed corporate and public borrowers

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Ziemlich coole Art von Protest, finde ich...

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