Donnerstag, 6. März 2008

Raus aus dem Euro!

"In Europe and the United States huge spreads are widening between Sovereign Treasuries and anything that is not government guaranteed. Mortgage and corporate borrowing costs are skyrocketing while investors seek the safety of the taxpayer-guaranteed credits. The Euro zone is also being torn apart by the level of the Euro and the additional borrowing costs of Spain, Italy, Greece and other banana republic/socialist members. Germany gets funds for one price and the others get it for a much higher rate. Huge pressures are building between countries with the worst policies and those that are creating more wealth and which are business-friendly.
In Japan and the European Union the level of their currencies versus the dollar are front page issues signaling the coming competitive devaluations that are looming. Politicians everywhere believe they can devalue their way to prosperity in the ever-increasing GLOBAL economy.


They believe they must devalue their currencies to remain competitive exporters. They are being priced out in their minds. So its back to the competitive devaluation raceway we have been on for thirty + years, since Bretton woods II in the early 1970’s which forever tore currencies from gold and precious metal underpinnings.
In conclusion: THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF MONEY OR LIQUIDITY, IT IS ABUNDANT. Look no further than the commodities sectors, government treasuries and gold; those prices are not indicative of shortages of liquidity. Interest rates to non-government borrowers will continue to climb regardless of what Sovereign Treasuries and Central Banks do. Interest rates and funding costs will continue to rise until GREED outweighs FEAR, at which point the money will leave the sidelines and engage in lending once again. Re-pricing risk is the order of the day.

Inflation is the POLICY OF THE G7 governments, make a note of it!

True Values by Ty Andros, Editor, Tedbits Newsletter March 6, 2008


Der Sozialismus ist nicht tot. Aber er stirbt gerade.


Colognepaulista hat gesagt…

Gestern begegnete ich auf dem Weg zu meiner (selbständigen) Arbeit einem Troß von warnstreikenden Verdi-Mitgliedern (wohl Arbeiter der Kölner Uni) und mußte gleich an die Lohn-Preis-Spirale denken. Ich kann ja verstehen, daß die Leute darüber unglücklich sind, daß ihr Lohn immer weniger Wert ist. Aber warum versteht niemand, daß diese ständigen Verteilungskämpfe nur dazu führen, daß die Gesellschaft endgültig vor die Wand fährt? Ich empfinde naive Trauer über die verschwendete Energie und Lebenszeit, die in solche Aktionen gesteckt wird.

Fabio Bossi hat gesagt…

"Ich empfinde naive Trauer über die verschwendete Energie und Lebenszeit, die in solche Aktionen gesteckt wird."

Besser kann man es nicht ausdrücken.

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